AgricPRO LOgoTokurah Majid Jeremiah has extensive experience in the agricultural space and an expert in sustainable agriculture, he has experiences in using social media to represent youth interest in agriculture through awareness and capacity building events and has done online engagements on behalf of the Bank of Industry, Agropreneur Nigeria. Jeremiah had previously been a President at the Nigerian Institution of Agricultural Engineering students,Federal University of Technology Akure. He is a Local representative at YPARD Nigeria and currently an Advertiser and contributor at AgropreneurNaija. He is the CEO of AgriPRO KONSULT, An agri-based business bringing farmers closer to their markets.

Tokurah Majid recently floated an initiative known as @buyagric which brands and showcases Agricultural related startup who have local ‘Made in Nigeria’ products, showcasing Agricultural brand creatives and the likes while exploring the Agricultural value chain opportunities within the production phrase. The initiative also helps startups with Product Photography and Digital Creatives Branding.

Visit the Page @buyagric on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/buyagric/

Phone nos: +2348060278318
Email: jidkod@gmail.com
Blog: http://www.jidkod.wordpress.com
Twitter: @jidkod


  1. Business/Product Development
  2. Digital Marketing/ Social Media Marketing/ Online Advertising/SEO
  3. Video Production
  4. Website Design
  5. Research/Copy Writing


The information provided in this blog is for informational purposes and expresses are my personal views , and not those of my current or past employers unless otherwise stated.

They are simply my thought , personal experience and research as i strive to succeed as a young professional in agriculture. Occasionally i will drop everything, get behind my laptop and work very hard to provide you with up-to-date information (through thorough research and eating lots of chocolate while researching on trending articles on sustainable Agriculture and re-writing already published articles).


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