AgricultureI woke up this morning reminiscing about my experiences so far in agriculture; the conferences, the vision, the networking and the crop of youths growing with the same vision like me. While I was at it a particular song came into my head, it was more like a video I watched, made at the second AGCO Africa Summit titled; agriculture in Africa from vision to Action, on youtube…check that out.
This particular phrase kept resounding in my head- “youths in Agriculture”. Wow, I couldnt help but to move to the rhythm…lol. Oh by the way let me state here that I love listening to music. HeheHe.
Highlights from the song was;
1. Youths in Agriculture is going to fight against hunger.
2. A country’s health depends large on farming development.
It is therefore important for us to note that the food we eat comes from farming and if our people were to work in offices where would the food we eat come from?

Some weeks back I was at a conference in ghana titled Africa’s Youth, Agriculture and enterpreneurship. It was a project conference known as The IHAV (I Have A Vision) conference 2013 which assembled over 50 youths from across africa. The Conference was designed to raise a generation of young african entrepreneurs who would collaboratively work to create employment and provide sustainable solutions to Africa’s challenges. The goal of the conference was to see youths working together to tackle and solve our societal challenges and employment needs through innovative and sustainable actions. The iHAV foundation aims at providing a platform, through annual conferences and blogs, for sharing ideas and developing new projects geared towards fulfilling our societal needs and implementing these projects within planned time scales.


1.Encouraging young people to go into the agriculture sector as there are many opportunities therein.
2.Develop pilot projects that will create employment for ourselves and others.
3.Implement these projects and have them replicated all across the country and continent.
Moreso, Let us all rise up to the Business of farming. We are calling the Youths,
Let’s think Agriculture, Sell agriculture, Teach Agriculture.
The Farm is calling us.



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